Mobility rehabilitation.
Alice and Aknee exoskeletons offer children and adults the opportunity to perform their rehabilitation in terms of mobility in a practical and economic way.
Early detection of cervical uterine cancer.
InstaPAP® is a portable medical device that detects and prevents uterine cervical cancer in women.
Biomedical device that simplify two procedures in one.
The double-puncture needle is a biomedical device that allows two medical procedures in a single puncture.
Innovation in Nano Additives.
The innovation consists in a lubricant additive based on nano-technology, which withstands extreme temperatures and pressures, decreasing the wear of tools, and increasing the useful life of the lubricant.
Intelligent Wheelcharir System.
Interphase system that allows the autonomous movement of a traditional wheelchair, through the neuronal signals of its user. 
Remote Laboratories.
The Remote Labs are tools that allow the teacher bring laboratories to the classroom, and carry out the experiments at the same time that the students take the class.