Innovation HUB Tec-China receives the title of “Friendship Ambassador”

September 5, 2019

During the opening ceremony of the “Hangzhou International Day”, held on September 5 of 2019, the Innovation HUB Tec-China received the tittle of “Friendship Ambassador” from the city from the Hangzhou Government. The event was attended by representatives of 20 of Hangzhou’s sister cities around the world such as: Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, among others.

Durante la ceremonia de inauguración del “Hangzhou International Day”, celebrada el 5 de septiembre de 2019, el Innovation HUB Tec-China recibió por parte del Gobierno de Hangzhou, el título de “Friendship Ambassador” de la ciudad. Al evento acudieron representantes de 20 de las ciudades hermanas de Hangzhou en todo el mundo como: México, Colombia y Argentina, entre otros.